How To Store Your Jewellery | Dyrberg/Kern NZ

How To Store Your Jewellery

Are you finally getting a chance to head away for a weekend? Business trip? Whether you are going near or far, you always want your Jewellery to re...

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For the love of a good glove | Dyrberg/Kern NZ

For the love of a good glove

Getting ready to stand out in the cold and watch children's sports, whether it be at the netball courts, soccer field or rugby field etc. We all kn...

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It's a Hoop Obsession | Dyrberg/Kern NZ

It's a Hoop Obsession

The one earring that has never and will never go out of fashion!You know why? Because they can be so different, they come in all shapes and sizes. ...

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Back to Work Essentials | Dyrberg/Kern NZ

Back to Work Essentials

Yep, it’s that time of the NEW YEAR! The holiday period is over and it's time to come back down to reality. So why not have a few reasons to be exc...

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New In Euphorbia | Dyrberg/Kern NZ

New In Euphorbia

There is nothing quite like it..  Spanish jewellery that is handmade.. Designed by local artists and brought to life by creative minds.  When we se...

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New In Aura | Dyrberg/Kern NZ

New In Aura

They say all people are enveloped by an aura. That we emanate energy, a halo that reflects the emotions that inhabit us, an extension of our soul ...

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Five quick jewellery tips | Dyrberg/Kern NZ

Five quick jewellery tips

 LAYERING You can always wear more than one necklace, layering is a fun technique that lets you mix and match pieces in your collection. It is alwa...

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