DYRBERG/KERN uses two different base metals STAINLESS STEEL & BRASS. The decision on what base metal to choose depends solely on the individual design and properties of the jewellery item. If a soft organic look is wanted - brass is used. If a strong technically perfect look is wanted - stainless steel is used. Please see the material guide on each individual product for more information.
STAINLESS STEEL is a very hard, strong durable metal. Stainless goes through many processes, which make it very resistant to scratches, corrosion and oxidation. The colour of steel is a cold silvery shade, which may be given a high polish or structured surface depending on the desired result. Stainless steel can be ION plated to give a different colour finish. 
BRASS is an alloy of copper and zinc. Adding aluminum makes brass stronger and more corrosion resistant. We use brass as our base metal for our jewellery for its unique properties. Brass receives the top plating in stainless steel very well. Freshly polished brass is similar to gold in appearance, but becomes more reddish within days of exposure to the elements, which is why a top plating process is required. Brass is relatively resistant to tarnishing, and is often used as decoration and for coins. In antiquity, polished brass was often used as a mirror. Brass is nickel and lead free and anti-allergenic.
Let us try to explain the great advantages of our technically advanced plating technique. Most of our plating is not done by traditional wet-plating, but by the use of a highly technical IP plating technique which is normally used in the watch industry. ION PLATING is the most advanced surface finishing process on the market. Ion plating is carried out in a vacuumed sealed environment which makes the plating more durable and resistant. It also provides a brighter finish. ION plating is 5 - 8 times stronger than traditional wet plating processes.  
It is hard to give an estimate about the durability – it depends on how and where the jewellery piece is being worn.  One of the numerous advantages IP plating has over wet-plating is its environmental friendliness. IP does not rely on water and contamination through waste water for production process, is avoided or kept at an absolute minimum. Colour change or tarnishing of the IP plating rarely happens.

A base of brass is IP plated with stainless steel targets. Until now, palladium was used in electroplating to obtain a silvery color. As stainless steel is harder than palladium, jewellery pieces can be subjected to longer wear and tear.

Ion plating is one of the most advanced surface finishing processes on the market. Ion plating is carried out in a vacuum environment and makes the top plating more durable and more resistant. It also provides a higher brightness.

The greatest advantage of the ion plating process is that the surface created is both harder and chemically more stable than that produced through traditional wet plating methods. Experiments have proven that the plating obtained through Ion plating is five to eight times better than what can be obtained through traditional methods in terms of wear and corrosion resistance. 

The colour of the ion plating may change over time with the use of various colored, allergy tested metals. 

Gun metal is an ion plating, looking like darkened black metal, matching the fashions of the season.

Made with CRYSTALLIZEDTM - Swarovski Elements from the Austrian manufacturer Swarovski are the main stone in our jewellery. The Xilion Chaton has 14 unique facets, all machine-cut with utmost precision. The cutting technique used to create the Xilion Chaton makes the crystal stand out from any other cut.
Made with CRYSTALLIZEDTM  - Swarovski Elements is the luxury brand name for the range of precision-cut lead crystal glass chatons we use for our jewellery. In 2004 the company released the Xilion, a new copyrighted cut designed to optimize the brilliance of the diamond cut chaton that we use in abundance. The crystals are either crystal clear, solid coloured, or effect coated to imitate natural or recreate never before seen stones.
All jewellery in this collection is made of 925 Sterling Silver. The pieces with a gold finish are plated with 18k gold. All stones are clear Cubic Zirconias or cabochon cut gem stones such as Onyx, Grey Opal, Rose Quartz, Carneol and Aquamarine. 


Natural stones cut into various shapes and forms. Please note that all styles containing genuine gemstones have natural surfaces and therefore the stones vary from piece to piece. No two stones look the same, and this is to be considered a design feature to be emphasized and appreciated, and not a reason for claim.