Demystifying Gold-Plated Jewellery in NZ: our FAQs Answered

Demystifying Gold-Plated Jewellery in NZ: Your FAQs Answered

In the world of adornments, few things capture elegance and affordability as effectively as gold-plated jewellery in NZ,where the fascination with this sparkling trend is undeniable. This blog post is your gateway to unravel the nuances of gold-plated jewellery, with a spotlight on the innovative Ion plating technique used by Dyrberg/Kern. 

Join us as we delve into the different types of gold plating, address your pressing questions, and explore the realm of gold-plated fashion jewellery. 

What are the Different Gold Plating Techniques?

Before we dive into the FAQ section, let's demystify the array of gold plating techniques, with a special focus on Ion plating:  

  • Flash Plating: A thin gold layer is electroplated onto the base metal. While affordable, it may wear off relatively quickly.  
  • Gold Vermeil: A thicker gold layer (usually 2.5 microns or more) is applied on sterling silver, offering both luxury and durability.  
  • Layered Gold Plating: Multiple layers of gold with protective barriers are used, resulting in increased durability and resistance to fading.  
  • Ion Plating: This advanced technique involves using vapourised gold particles that bond with the base metal at a molecular level. Its resilient and lustrous finish makes it a favoured choice for long-lasting gold-plated jewellery. Ion plating is the preferred choice of Dyrberg/Kern, placing us at the high end of the fashion jewellery market in New Zealand.  

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Can You Wear Gold-Plated Jewellery in the Shower? 

A common question is whether wearing gold-plated jewellery in the shower is safe. While gold-plated pieces can generally withstand occasional contact with water, it's advisable to remove them before you indulge in a shower. Prolonged exposure to water, soaps, and steam can gradually deteriorate the gold plating. To ensure your pieces maintain their brilliance, remove them before stepping under the showerhead.  

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How Long Does Gold-Plated Metal Last?

The lifespan of gold-plated jewellery varies based on factors like the thickness of the gold layer, your care routine, and how frequently you wear the pieces. On average, well-maintained gold-plated jewellery can retain its beauty for up to two years. To prolong its lifespan, steer clear of harsh chemicals, lotions, and perfumes that can expedite the fading of the plating. Regularly cleaning and gently polishing your jewellery can help preserve its shine and charm.  

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What Makes Gold-Plated Pieces Ideal Fashion Jewellery?

The allure of fashion jewellery is undeniable, especially when it comes to gold-plated pieces. They offer a touch of sophistication without breaking the bank, and within this category, stud earrings for women are a standout choice. These timeless pieces merge simplicity and elegance effortlessly, making them suitable for everyday wear and special occasions. The adaptability of gold-plated stud earrings empowers you to express your style while radiating a hint of luxury. Don't forget our stud earrings also have posts made of surgical stainless steel, making them hypoallergenic. 

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Find Beautiful, Gold-Plated Jewellery at Dyrberg/Kern 

Gold-plated jewellery continues to captivate the hearts of jewellery enthusiasts in New Zealand and around the world. From understanding the nuances of gold plating techniques to addressing common queries about wear and longevity, this blog post has shed light on the enchanting world of glistening elegance. So, whether adorning yourself with exquisite stud earrings or exploring the realm of fashion jewellery, let your gold-plated pieces reflect your style and celebrate the enduring allure of this timeless craft.  

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