Jewellery product warranty is one year from date of purchase.

Time Collection (watches) product warranty is two years from date of purchase.

DYRBERG/KERN differentiates between production fault, maltreatment and normal wear and tear.

Production Errors: A stone falls out or a closure breaks.
Production errors are covered by our warranty. We repair, replace or refund.
Breaches can be: An ear clip or leather string is torn off, a crystal stone is broken or chipped.
If breaches are due to maltreatment of the goods, our warranty does not cover this.

Wear and Tear: Scratches on metal occur, metal plating or bead coating disappears or changes.
Mother-of-Pearl lacquer is gone. Wear and tear means the jewellery has been used over some time or has been mistreated. Wear and Tear is not covered by our warranty.

Please love and care for your DYRBERG/KERN jewellery and it will love you back, looking gorgeous for years to come.