Ring Designer
Strength SS Crystal
Wish SG Crystal
Wish RG Crystal
Wish GM Hematite
Unity SS Rose
Unity SS Light Blue
Unity SS Green
Unity SS Crystal
Unity SG Crystal
Unity RG Crystal
Unity RG Crystal
Unity GM Hematite
Strength SS Rose
Strength SS Grey
Strength SG Vintage Rose
Strength SG Pink
Strength SG Grey
Strength SG Crystal
Strength SG Burgundy
Strength RG Grey
Strength RG Crystal
Strength GM Hematite
Simplicity SG Crystal
Sence SS Rose
Sence SS Dark Grey
Sence SS Crystal
Sence SS Black
Sence SG White
Sence SG Tiger Eye
Sence SG Red
Sence SG Light Green
Sence SG Green
Sence SG Dark Grey
Sence SG Crystal
Sence SG Coral
Sence SG Blue
Sence SG Black
Sence RG Amethyst
Sence RG Rose
Sence RG Grey
Sence RG Black
Love GM Hematite
Sence GM Black
Rose Shiny Silver
Pleasure SG Black
Pure SG Crystal
Pleasure SS Blue Agate
Pleasure SS Black
Sence SS Turquoise
Pleasure SG Rose
Pleasure SG Red
Pleasure SG Grey
Pleasure SG Blue
Passion Gun Metal
Passion Shiny Silver
Passion Shiny Gold
Love SS Rose
Love SS Crystal
Love SG Crystal
Love RG Grey
Love RG Crystal
Life SS Crystal
Strength SG Yellow
Life SG Crystal
Sence SG Turquoise
Joy SG Vintage Rose
Joy SG Grey
Joy SG Crystal
Joy SG Black
Hope Shiny Silver
Hope Shiny Gold
Hope Rose Gold
Hope Gun Metal
Grande SS Grey
Grande SG Rose
Grace SS Rose
Grace SS Light Blue
Grace SS Grey
Grace SS Dark Blue
Grace SG Grey
Grace SG Crystal
Grace RG Grey
Grace RG Crystal
Grace GM Hematite
Gardenia SS Pink
Gardenia SG White
Gardenia SG Red
Gardenia SG Black
Freedom SS Crystal
Freedom SG Crystal
Focus SG Tiger Eye
Focus SG Green
Focus SG Blue
Focus SG Black
Focus RG Rose
Focus RG Grey
Essence Shiny Silver
Focus SG Turquoise
Essence Shiny Gold
Essence Rose Gold
Emotion SG Grey
Emotion SG Crystal
Embrace SS Blue
Embrace SS Black
Embrace SG Red
Embrace SG Purple
Center SS Crystal
Centre RG Crystal
Center RG Crystal
Bud SS Rose
Bud SS Light Blue
Bud SG White Pearl
Bud SG Pink
Bud SG Grey Pearl
Bud SG Coral
Bud SG Black
Balance SS Crystal
Balance SG Crystal
Balance RG Crystal
Balance Hematite
Artzy SS Crystal
Artzy SG Crystal
Ring 1 Rose Gold
Ring 1 Shiny Gold
Ring 1 Shiny Silver
Ring 2 Shiny Gold
Ring 2 Shiny Silver
Ring 3 GM Crystal
Ring 3 RG Crystal
Ring 5 SG Crystal
Ring 5 SS Crystal
Spacer A Shiny Gold
Spacer A Shiny Silver
Spacer B Rose Gold
Spacer B Shiny Gold
Spacer B Shiny Silver
Spacer C Gun Metal
Spacer C Rose Gold
Spacer C Shiny Gold
Spacer C Shiny Silver



Compliments by DYRBERG/KERN is a modern interchangeable ring concept. Handmade in stainless steel, the toppers feature Swarovski crystals and natural stones such as Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye, Opal, Lapis Lazuli and Onyx.

How it works – Simply choose a ring band, twist on a topper of your choice, complete with a spacer and there it is: Your own design!

Use our online Ring Designer to mix and match styles. There are millions of design combinations possible.

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