Look deep into DYRBERG/KERN’s design DNA and you will find their aesthetic planted solidly in both Scandinavian soil and international trend. Copenhagen design duo Gitte Dyrberg and Henning Kern are the names behind the Danish accessory brand, who since 1985 have created exclusive handcrafted designs that reflect modern simplicity. Here in New Zealand we’ve had access to their jewellery since 1998, when it was first imported.

DYRBERG/KERN was founded upon the decadent idea of offering each and every woman the feel of exquisite luxury every day. Dressing the modern and confident woman in jewellery that expresses her unique style, personality and beauty - bringing with her, a little piece of luxury wherever she goes.
The world over, people recognise DYRBERG/KERN jewellery. It’s the Scandi-beauty and cool competence in the brand’s DNA which might be difficult to define, but very easily provokes style-envy. You can accessorise any look with pieces from this inspired Danish design duo. Their pieces take wearers anywhere. One day, we might choose to be bold, chunky, edgy, stylised. The next we opt instead to be whimsical, delicate, slightly bohemian. Or we might contrast it up, defying our imaginary rules, to be several things at once. After all, the fun of modern personal styling (i.e. getting dressed) lies in the art of the mix.    
Kern and Dyrberg have, from their Copenhagen studio, allowed their signature jewellery vision to evolve and develop against a backdrop of high-quality materials and uncompromising environmental standards. They mastermind everything in two collections annually. That includes each piece’s intricate design work, to sourcing the truest possible elements for its ideal incarnation. Materials include stainless steel, sterling silver, gold plating, semi-precious gemstones such as onyx, rose quartz, tiger, and Swarovski crystals. DYRBERG/KERN jewellery doesn't contains lead, nickel or cadmium; all is hypoallergenic.
As with all designers who can boast longevity of excellence, Dyrberg and Kern are endlessly fascinated by art, architecture, music and fashion. It all translates into an international and creative currency that moves with the zeitgeist. DYRBERG/KERN collections are new seasonally, and arrive in strictly limited editions. Right now, if you achingly desire a statement accessory to accompany a fledgling new fashion look, you can have it; but hurry, styles are rarely reproduced.
Perhaps owing to its Scandinavian design, DYRBERG/KERN jewellery manages to be simultaneously simple and embellished; architecturally pared-back yet glossy and luxurious.  Discover the complete D/K experience in one of the New Zealand DYRBERG/KERN concept stores. Located in Wellington and Christchurch, all members of the D/K family are everlastingly excited about each new collection, and can't wait to help you pick the perfect pieces. D/K is also stocked nationwide in a number of leading retail stores. Click here to find your nearest stockist. 


JOIDARTJoidart is a Spanish brand dedicated to the creation of signature contemporary jewellery. It collaborates with artists from different areas of the plastic arts to create jewellery with personality, pieces that fuse art, design and artisan tradition into a single aesthetic concept.

Founded in 1981, the brand creates jewellery collections designed in the spirit of comfort and freedom.  Its designs express the essence of the artists who have created them and challenge the conventional, going in search of the extraordinary.


A sincere desire to allow women to emphasise their individual personality led to the establishment of BELLA BALLOU in 2008. They are creative in nature and have worked with design and graphic lines throughout their lives.  After traveling and living in China for many years, BELLA BALLOU were fascinated by the amazing process of extracting silk, ranging from the small and insignificant cocoon to the finest silk. This led to creating a unique, personalised and exclusive accessory brand
for women of all ages.  We find our inspiration in a wonderful combination of trends in time and the encounter with different cultures on our travels around the world.



Markberg products are made from genuine leather sourced from highly skilled manufactures around the world. The brand has been part of the DK
stable for a few years now and growing in popularity at an exponential rate. The range of handbags, clutches, straps, wallets and accessories are stylish and vibrant. High quality leather is like fine wine. It only gets
better in time. And these products are built to last.  Markberg is the title of a true love story. A love for creating, for making a difference and for each other.  The brand name is representing the founders, Mette Astrup (MA) and Rune Klemmensen (RK) – a couple both professionally and privately.
We believe in quality in products. Things, which will stay with you for many years. Beautiful items you don´t just throw away.  We always mix business with pleasure! Not only in our way of working, but also in the products.
All Markberg items have a contemporary look as well as thought-through functional details.  You may fall in love with the design of an item, but the functionality will determine if you love it for life.  We never compromise. It is simply not in our nature!