Luxury Travel Bags

Why You Should Use Luxury Travel Bags on Your Next Trip

Using luxury travel bags while you journey to new places is about more than having a stylish accessory. You can travel confidently knowing that your precious belongings are well protected and secure as your bag moves from a plane’s cargo hold to a car to the hotel room. With so much handling, you can ensure that when you arrive at your destination, your quality made bag will remain intact and contain everything you packed. 

Benefits of Luxury Overnight Bags

There are numerous benefits to investing in a luxury overnight bag.

  • Exceptional quality: Having your belongings securely contained in a well-made bag will prevent you from dealing with the embarrassment of the stitching coming undone. This event can be especially inconvenient when it causes your possessions to spill out in a public place or on the airport carousel. Being confident that your bag is of a high standard will give you peace of mind that you won’t lose any important documents or expensive items.
  • More uses: A quality luxury overnight bag will last longer over time and be better designed to endure the impact that multiple trips and continuous luggage handling while still looking stylish. You can rest assured knowing that your bag’s zippers, stitching, and outer material will still provide your belongings with exceptional protection and security after countless journeys.
  • Warranty: As high-end brands design and manufacture their items using quality materials, they generally come with a warranty. Should your bag become damaged, a luxury bag is also more likely to be repairable and to a high standard, unlike other affordable brands.

What You Can Expect From Dyrberg/Kern NZ Regarding Leather Travel Bags

At Dyrberg/Kern NZ, we supply high-end travel bags by Danish brand Markberg.

  • Our bags are made from quality materials: Our range of Markberg bags are created with genuine cow leather for a soft outer shell and have an inner cotton lining. The strength and resilience of leather mean that your bag will be durable, wear well and protect your clothes through decades of travel.
  • The designs are timeless: Leather is a practical choice for a travel bag as it wears well, and the look can improve over time. We provide a classic range of Markberg leather travel bags that have a timeless, simple and clean Scandinavian design with unique details to ensure that it still looks stylish in the years to come.
  • The bags are versatile: With numerous zips, pockets and a hidden magnetic closing pocket at the front, you can use these bags for various occasions. The short handle and removable crossbody strap mean you can comfortably carry it the way you prefer. 

Why Trust Dyrberg/Kern NZ Regarding Leather Overnight Bags?

Our company has been providing New Zealand with quality products for more than 20 years. When it comes to selecting our collection of accessories, we maintain a high standard and value excellent quality and unique items. We ensure that our luxury products are versatile, durable and timeless to ensure that they last through decades of use and wear. Contact us today to order your stylish, high-end travel bag.