Living Danishly

Living Danishly 

Observing Denmark from the eyes of a Southern Hemisphere woman, you can’t help but notice that the compact, Nordic country has produced many design successes. This is not only limited to the fields of furniture and architecture, but fashion! 

Denmark is the birthplace of many wonderful designers, household names such as Danske Mobler, BoConcept, Lego – and closer to home architect Jørn Utzon designed the iconic Sydney Opera House.

Included in these illustrious names are designer fashion brands, Dyrberg/Kern, Markberg and Bella Ballou – helping women across the globe ooze sophistication and grandeur.

The Danes seem to possess a style that is effortless, yet refined. And what’s more - they can do it happily living in ‘The Happiest country on Earth’ as Denmark took the number one spot in the latest UN World Happiness Report.

Following not far behind, ranking eighth to be precise, is New Zealand. And it seems us Kiwis have many common similarities with the Danes. 

We live in a small, low-populated country, with beautiful surroundings and scenery. We also have a great outdoor culture, warm summers, cold winters, great coffee and cuisine, along with a diverse fashion scene. 

However, if there’s one thing that unites us all, it's the search for happiness and it can’t hurt to live a little more ‘Danishly’. 

Helen Russell, author of: ‘The Year of Living Danishly’ says, “Happiness in Denmark is seen as a process rather than a permanent state; something that you actively work at every day by making the most of the little things.” 

So what little things can we lend from the Danes, (aside from their great fashion sense) in order to raise our spirits and actively make our lives happier?  

The Hygge way


The Danish term ‘hygge’ is a word for cosy social gatherings and intimate get-togethers with family and friends. So by embracing hygge, Danes make themselves and each other happier.  

Low Expectations

We live in a world of high expectations. However, the Danes have low expectations with the motto: ‘You’re no better than anybody else.’ This lowered expectation, equals less disappointment. 

Trust More

Trust - this five-lettered word may hold the key to why the Danes are so happy, and they encourage us to try it - to feel better and save yourself unnecessary stress.  

Clock Off

Nothing terrible will happen if you actually go home on time. Just clock off and get out! Ensuring a steady work-life balance means that you can enjoy leisure time, which is a huge part of the Danish culture. 

On ya Bike

The bicycle is a symbol of happiness in Denmark. The very idea of a bike gives you freedom to go anywhere, whilst keeping active! Using your body not only releases get-happy endorphins, but doing it outside reduces stress and boosts wellbeing. 


The Danes have a great respect for their everyday surroundings. They like to indulge, and it doesn’t do them any harm, claiming it makes them feel happier! So be inspired by their beautiful trends - whether its improving your home with their sleek, Scandinavian interior, or adorning yourself in DYRBERG/KERN jewellery; it's all about timeless items, and expressing your style and beauty.

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