How to style your pastel colours this winter

In this case, less is more. The more colour in your jewellery = a few less colours in your outfit. 

A plain pallet such as a white knit dress, (here is a perfect one from country road) with some colourful jewellery is the perfect way to elevate a plain winter outfit. 

For a monochromatic look, you can even match a knitted jumper or coat to one of our breathtaking pastel colours to go matchy-matchy. 

conian pastel

Pastel blue is a trend for 2022 and sets nicely with a darker shade of blue. It's relatively simple to recreate this, as you take a pastel item and match it with the darker colour, and your outfit will be complete. Therefore pop on a pair of black pants, a blue jumper and add the light blue of your jewellery. 

Wear This light blue dress from Country road. 

Or this jacket from Country Road, how pretty and classy… what a colour.

Finish off your look with our light blue jewellery tones. 
Twinnie hoops teresia bracelet

Match a pair of our lavender earrings with this gorgeous knitted top from Gregory, for a high end monochrome look. 

This jacket from Trelise Cooper is just….stunning, matched with jewellery from our light rose collection would be the perfect combo and would compliment each other beautifully.

Roctar and Rocka


Just because it's cold out, outfits don’t need to be dark! Have fun this winter and experiment with new colours, new colour combos and fun, colourful jewellery that makes you happy when you put it on.

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