Combining Gold and Silver

Combining gold and silver jewels? We say yes.

There are already too many important decisions in life to add that of choosing between gold and silver. Why not both? Mixing silver and gold jewels has always been a timeless option. But, we still have to be selective. Mixing is an art, and Joidart has perfected it. Here are some tips.

smiling woman with mixed metal jewellery

A matter of style

Mixing these metals is a way of experimenting with your style and finding your new favorite combinations among pieces that maybe you haven’t worn as much on their own. Have fun with the textures and designs, and with the colors of the precious crystals… The choice is yours. What matters is that the jewels represent you and you feel comfortable.

Gold and silver rings, necklaces and bracelets

Balance is key. If you are going to create different layers of necklaces or you want to combine several rings, choose simpler pieces. This will mean you can focus on the ensemble and create impressive combinations, mixing gold and silver pieces.

We love the combination of the white silver Umbrella rings with the gold Blossom and Alexander rings.

When it comes to layered necklaces, golden tones combined with the soft shine of silver blend to create a magical ensemble. All the necklaces can be extended, so you can adjust them to the length you want to combine them with each other and create different levels.

Combining signature jewels

If layering is not your thing, you can choose statement pieces. Striking, protagonist pieces that can also be a combination of gold and silver.

To combine strong pieces like ours, in gold and silver, choose one piece for your wrist and some earrings, such as the gold Branca bracelet and the silver Branca earrings.

The same piece, two finishes

Taking the game of combining gold and silver up a notch, we suggest wearing the same piece in both finishes. Here, we suggest simple pieces that highlight the play of temperatures. Combine the pieces on one wrist or on the fingers of one hand to give free rein to the interplay of the warm reflections of the gold and the cool reflections of the silver.


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