8 Cool Ways To Wear Your Summer Scarf

8 cool ways to wear your summer scarf

Ever walk into a shop and see the most gorgeous colourful scarf, but you’re just not sure how to style it, or even how to wear it! Us too! 

So we did some research for you and have found eight ways to wear your Summer scarf!

A super stunning hair tie

1.  A Super Stunning Hair Tie

    For a fun, classy, effortlessly sleek look pop your gorgeous scarf in your hair! Endless possibilities with this one! Pop your hair in a half ponytail and tie the scarf around your pony, use it as a headband, use it as a cute small bandana. You can even braid it into a french plait. How fun!

    Layover Shoulders

    2.  Layover Shoulders

      At the beach and need a quick cover for your shoulders while you're sitting watching the waves? Pop your scarf over your shoulder for added sun protection. 

      Heading out for a drink and want to add a little extra something to your outfit? Pop it around your neck and shoulders for a little bit of added modesty. You can also drape it over your shoulders for a classy, fun look.

      Sarong and Bag Tie


      3.  A Bag Tie

        Want to add some colour to your gorgeous black bag? Add a scarf! You can attach it to one end and have it beautifully drape down. 

        You can also wrap your scarf all the way around the handle of your bag for extra colour.

        4.  A Sarong

          At the beach, pool, lake? Need to add some modesty to your bathing suit? Use your gorgeous scarf as a sarong, just wrap it around your waist and tie and you're good to go! Easy peasy.

          A neck tie


          5.  A Necktie

            Have a small silk scarf? Pop it around your neck and tie, for a beautiful classy, (pretend you're in Paris) look. Pop the tie to the front, the side or back of your neck, until you get the look you are going for.

            A beautiful belt

            6.  A Beautiful Belt

              Have an all black/white outfit that just needs a little something? Thread your scarf through the loops of your jeans! 

              Have a nice oversized dress that needs a bit of shape, pop your scarf around your waist and tie at front or back depending on the vibe of the outfit!

              A Hanging halter top

              7.  A Hanging Halter Top

                There are so many ways to wear a scarf and a halter top is the perfect example of how diverse scarfs can be. Tie it around your neck for an awesome slouch neck look, perfect for summer.

                A perfect summer top

                8.  The Perfect Summer Top

                  Endless opportunities when it comes to how you can wear your scarf as a top! Tie in the front, tie on the shoulder for an off the shoulder look, or go with a strapless look!

                  So try it out, have some fun with it and experiment on how to wear it whatever way works best for you and makes you feel the best!

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