5 must-have Jewellery trends

1. Larger than life chains
Huge chains are in again YAY! A perfect way to elevate a plain white t-shirt and the perfect way to complete a party look. A chain is so versatile and can be worn with any outfit. 

Bond necklace gold by Edblad
jeanis chunky chain necklace

It can be scary wearing statement jewellery, and it might not seem like you can wear your chunky necklaces to work, but the truth is that you can. The chunky/ statement pieces will give your outfit the right edge, allowing them to stand out, behind the desk, during presentations or meetings. So, if you have been thinking about making your professional look more fun, the chunky necklaces would be ideal for you.
To create a trendy, more stylish look, add layers. You could start wearing more than one piece of chunky necklaces all at the same time. Just mix one or three chunky necklaces around your neck for that much fun look. Note that layering often works best when you have chunky chain necklaces made of the same metallic material.

2. Eye-popping Earrings
Don’t feel like wearing a lot of jewellery on a certain day? No problem, pop on a pair of statement earrings and you are good to go!
Easy to elevate from day to night, from work to dinner and drinks.
Rupi large statement earrings
Euphorbia Earrings

Don’t be scared to experiment, have a play and see what style of statement earrings work for you! Every girl needs a pair!

3. Modern Candy Colours
Since it is summer here in New Zealand, colourful jewellery is most definitely the vibe.  Add some colour to your favorite summer outfits for a refreshed, happy, fun look.

4. Mixed Media

Mixing metals is a huge trend coming through, because why not? Why not wear your fav silver pieces with your fav gold pieces for a funky, different look. There are no rules when it comes to jewellery.
Even better, mixing metals with colored crystal stones, semi precious stones and in this case glass, how pretty.
Euphorbia bracelet

5. Charm Finishes
Charms! Because how cute. Charms have never really gone out of fashion and that is because they are so effortlessly beautiful. Finding the perfect chain and getting to choose what goes on it is so much fun and can be such a special gift for your loved ones.
Charms by Edblad


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