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A mirage of dazzling sparkle, the Sienna excites with a multitude of circular crystals. Each stone is multifaceted to reflect light, and this bracelet features clear crystals on a silver chain. The centrepiece stone is slightly larger than the rest of the settings, making it stand out in a discreet and exquisite way. 


Length: 16 – 18.5 cm
Crystals: Swarovski 
Color: Silver, Material: Brass




Adorn your wrists with our beautiful bracelet collection. Adored with Swarovski crystals that catch the light beautifully. Team with your matching earrings for a real statement. Sienna earrings


Lily and Rose is a teriffic explortion of style inspired by vintage fashion, architecture, old Hollywood glamour and bohemian Brides. Each design is handcrafted with precision to bring out the unique combination of colour and cut. Statement pieces suited for the red carpet as well as everyday style staples makes the extensive collection versatile, sophisticated and fun.


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