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To stroll through Barcelona is to lose yourself in a sea of contrasts; a contemplation of contemporaneity and design, past and future, dazzling light and deep shadow, vibrant colour and stone grey. It is to feel the Mediterranean. It is to trace the path marked out by Gaudí to discover its soul, which is precisely what jewellery designer Noemi Eggenschwiler has done... She has synthesized ‘the light and colour evoked by Gaudí’s Barcelona’ to create the new Born jewellery collection. Her range of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings reinterprets the organic forms captured by Gaudí in his creations and infuses them with cold enamels. These easy, harmonious, unpretentious pieces have been designed for everyday wear. With this collection Noemi Eggenschwiler celebrates one of Barcelona’s great iconic geniuses while also paying homage to the city’s charismatic El Born neighbourhood.

Materials: 24K gold with cold enamel in shades of cherry.

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