Here at D/K we are always on the look out for fabulous new products. We love the style, simplicity, quality, and classic styling of so many Danish-made products. In that vein we now can stock SAMARI, a ring brand from Copenhagen. We currently have a limited selection in our stores to see if you love them as much as we do. We’d love your feedback on the rings!!!


SAMARI Jewellery is a Danish brand, emphasizing the beauty of raw elegance for the global collector.  by showing the origin and affiliation of each unique piece, with respect of the precious materials and honest craftsmanship.

The rings are handmade in Tel Aviv. SAMARI partner with experienced goldsmiths, giving their individual touch to each piece. It is important, that every ring is made with care and precision, but keeping the materials and their story intact and alive.


There is a wide variety of diversity in the materials used in creating each piece of jewellery. All the rings are spinning rings on a 925 Sterling silver shank, representing our common, turning globe. We then add different combinations of designs, using 9k gold, handcrafted cubic zirconia stones, tourmaline stones, black ceramic and opals.

We’d love you to pop in store, try them on, talk to the girls about the rings and give us some feedback on what you think.

Contact us to pre-order:

Delivery time is approximately three to four weeks.