8 Ways to Wear your Winter Scarf


1.The Simple Drape:

Grab a big, chunky, warm scarf and just pop it around your neck, perfect with a big winter coat to keep you toasty warm. To create this desired look try our Check it out scarf in green and pink.


2.The Wrap Around

Just pop it around your neck twice, then loosen the hole at the front as desired. For this look try our Peony Scarf in blue and yellow.


3. Knot:

Pop your scarf around your neck and make sure that the right side is longer than the left. Then take the long end across your chest and over the short end, loop the long end around and under the short end, and then pull it through, so it should sit over the rest of the scarf. You do need a relatively large scarf so our Floral Geo scarf would be perfect for this look.


4.The Toss

Step 1: Pop a scarf around your neck

Step 2: Toss one side over your shoulder.

Almost any scarf can be used for this, but our Kissed by the rain scarf is perfect for a cold winters day. 


5.The Double Toss

Step 1: Pop a scarf around your neck

Step 2: Toss BOTH sides over your shoulder.

For this sophisticated look try out Painted Roses Pink and Yellow Scarf. 


6.The Tie

Simply pop the scarf around your neck so that it drapes evenly on both sides, and simply tie a single knot with your scarf. Adjust so one layer is over the other and fluff. Try our Retro Scarf in Camel. 


7.The Loop through

Put your scarf in half, pop it around your neck, on one end you should have a loop, thread the other ends through the loop, pull and adjust to perfection. Try our Graphic Stripes scarf in pink and grey.


8.The Shawl:

Treat your scarf like a large shawl and drape across shoulders. Our Graphic Stripes scarf in crème and blue is the perfect size for this. 


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